Factor Model Movies

The Chemometrics Group at Food Technology - KVL - has a great interest in bringing so-called factor models "to the masses". One way of doing this is by simple visualization to assist in teaching. On this page you can find examples of such movies/animations*) made by Nils Lastein for KVL. Please be aware of the considerable size of these files!

Please feel free to use them as you like - but respect our copyright!

*) The animations are made using 3D Studio MAX 5 from discreet.
**) Unfortunately we can not guarantee anything. Making the right, compatible format/codex turned out the be almost as difficult as making the animations themselves! "Progress" in computer-land is a funny thing.



Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
(Multivariate factor model)

WMV-format (16MB)
MOV-format (113MB)

O-O-O PCA storyboard O-O-O


(PCA data)

WMV-format (4MB)
MOV-format (16MB)


Mean centering and scaling in PCA

WMV-format (2MB)
MOV-format (6MB)



Outliers and extreme values in PCA

WMV-format (5MB)
MOV-format (19MB)


Parallel Factor Analysis (PARAFAC)
(Multi-way, multivariate factor model)

WMV-format (13MB)
MOV-format (80MB)

An Interactive course in multi-way multivariate models from our research group!

PARAFAC for several samples

WMV-format (2MB)
MOV-format (not available yet)