A spectral database of organic fluorophores
Colin A. Stedmon and Winnie Martinsen
Department of Marine Ecology
National Environmental Research Institute, 
University of Aarhus
Frederiksborgvej 399
Roskilde, Denmark. 
email: cst@dmu.dk (Colin Stedmon)
Version: 1
Published date: 29March 2007
Database is free to use for non-comercial purposes.
Please contact Colin Stedmon for permission to use in pubications.
Fluorescence spectra are measured on a Varian Eclipse fluorescence spectrophotometer.
Excitation from 240 to 450 nm, every 5 nm. (bandwidth 5nm)
Emission from 300 to 600nm, every 2nm (bandwidth 5nm)
Measurements made on optically thin solutions (OD in 1cm <0.05)
Measurements are made at room temperature
Spectra are corrected for instrument specific biases
Excitation correction using 3g/L Rhodamine B in ethylene glycol
Emission correction using a Silica Diffuser provided by Varian.