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Mikael Agerlin Pedersen Awarded The LIFE Innovation Prize

Together with three colleagues from Food Microbiology (MogensJakobsen, Lene Jespersen and Dennis S. Nielsen), Mikael was awarded the LIFE innovation prize for the development of a new fermentation method of cocoa beans that leads to a new and improved chocolate taste and which increases the profit for the Ghanaians chocolate farmers.



On-line detection of undesired metabolites in slaughter carcasses

New Advanced Technology Foundation project at Q&T. A collaboration between Carometec A/S (Klavs Martin Sørensen) and Q&T (Søren Balling Engelsen) is going to develop an on-line method for reliable detection of boar taint in slaughter carcasses which in the long run will eliminate the need for castration of male piglets.


MR in Food 2012

The 11th International Conference on the application of magnetic Resonance in Food Science, to be held in Wageningen, from June 27 to 29, 2012. Within this edition of the conference we will have dedicated sessions on Structure and Function, Composition and Quality, Food Quality and Safety, Nutritional Metabolomics and in-vivo MRI.


Rasmus Bro awarded


NMR Conference - EUROMAR 2011

Frankfurt d. 21-25. August


(Maj 2011)


Investigation of suitability of NIR for monitoring a foaming process

- a link between process settings and product performance?

Master defence by Jannie Krog Jensen, Monday May 16th 10:00h in room R437.
Supervisors: Frans v.d. Berg, Anna C. Jørgensen (Ferrosan MD) and Jørgen Wolff (Ferrosan MD)

 (May 2011)


QSAR models for Cytochrome P450 1A2 substrates and non-substrates

Master defence by Tine Ringsted, Wednessday 27th April 13:00h in R437. Supervisors: Åsmund Rinnan  Jay Russel Niemelä (DTU, Fødevareinstituttet, Afdeling for Toksikologi og Risikovurdering).


Conferentia Chemometrica 2011



September 18-21, 2011
Hotel Kapitány, Sümeg, Hungary



ISPE – International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering

ISPE – International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering - is starting a Copenhagen Student Chapter, and invites all bachelor, master, and PhD. students interested in becoming a member of ISPE to meet us at KU-FARMA (room U6), May 10th 2011, 15:30h.




Søren Balling Engelsen is leader of the metabonomics work package in a new FP7 European Project: Low cost technologies and traditional ingredients for the production of affordable, nutritionally correct foods improving health in population groups at risk of poverty.



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