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MSc Projects


  Contact Collaboration Keywords
The art of whiskey Rasmus Bro KU Active from Dec 2016

BSc and MSc internship - In the field of NIR spectroscopy and applications. 

Katharina Böckmann 



Active from 29/1-2016
MSc project - Body, Sweetness and Acidity in coffee from different coffee roast profiles assessed by correlations between NMR spectra and sensory profiling  FHL   Active from 29/1-2016
MSc project - Optimization of industrial scale phosphorylation of potato starch by Process Analytical Technology FHL KMC Amba Active from 6/1-2016 
MSc project - Smelly shit: searching for specific odorants in faeces searching for specific odorants in faeces   RB Neurobiologie de l'Olfaction  
Protein Identification by Vibrational and Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy  RB

Novo Nordisk Pharmatech 

Active from June 23

Project description – PAT on Götene Alexander

RB Götene Dairy Active from 10/10

Spectroscopic characterization of Andalusian vinegars

JMAR   Active from 26/9

Fluorescence quenching – A case study in the pharmaceutical tablet production

ÅR Lundbeck  Active from 8/9

Rheological measurements as a tool to predict foam properties and stability of vegetable toppings 

RB AarhusKarlshamn   

Spectroscopic evaluation of detergent efficiency on stains

FHL Novozymes  

Starch, Amylase, NMR, hydration, temperature, cotton, polyester 

MSc project - Fluorescence and PARAFAC RB    
Automating GCMS analysis RB    
Prospects of sustainable coffee production asses-sed by multiphase-NMR spectroscopy and GC-MS FHL, MAP   Coffee, NMR, GC-MS, aroma, polysaccharides
Identification and quantification of ingredients in complex blends of food ingredients and additives through non-destructive methods THSK Premium Ingredients, S.L.  

Improved protein availability in legume snack products


Fan Milk Int. A/S 

Legumes, protein, fermentation 

Collection and characterization of African legumes

BM Fan Milk Int. A/S  Africa, sampling, NIR, IR 

Deep exploration of the benefits and drawbacks of sparse-based models in Hyperspectral Imaging 

JMAR/MAR   MATLAB language, basic Chamometrics
Chemometric evaluation of remote optical biosphere observations RB Lunds Universitet insects, africa, remote sensing 
Conformational PLS ÅR    
Protein-polysaccharide interactions studied by NMR spectroscopy FHL Dupont Nutrition Biosciences Aps  
Bringing the analysis of cement to the next level: Calibration of XRF by the use of chemometric methods ÅR FL Schmidt  
Chemometrics in Bioprocesses RB Sartorius Stedim Biotech NIR, MIR, pH, Temp
Kvantificering af stabilitet i frugtsaft FB CO-RO FOODS A/S Fruit juice, NMR, NIR, Chemometrics
Brug af ultralyd til at bestemme viskositet i læskedrikkoncentrat FB CO-RO FOODS A/S Fruit juice, Ultra sound, Chemometrics
Auaphotomics: An Emerging scienfitic discipline SBE Q-interline NIR, water, hydration, salt
Arabinoxylan degradation by xylanase - determined by the use of 1H-NMR spectroscopy and multivariate data analysis SBE Novozymes Arabionoxylan, baking, NMR, chemometrics
Industrial PhD project about Process Analytical Technology in manufacturing af bake-off Croissant SE Lantmännen NIR, chemometrics
NIR project, milk powder RB Arla Foods, ARINCO