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CHANCE Seminar 03 - Advanced Classification Methods by Dr. Federico Marini

It is a pleasure to announce that the subscription for the third seminar of the CHANCE seminar series is officially open now.
This seminar is mainly focused of giving a practitioner perspective of several advanced/non-linear classification methods (e.g. Artificial Neural Networks and Supported Vectors Machine). We also have the pleasure of announcing that the seminar will be given by Dr. Federico Marini, one of the most well-recognized world expert in classification methods.

This seminar is a perfect follow-up of CHANCE seminar 01 - Classification methods in Chemistry given by Dr. Davide Ballabio. Nevertheless, it is not mandatory to have attended that seminar for being able to join us in the advanced seminar. Just a little knowledge about PCA, PLS and MATLAB is required.

 (Feb 2012)
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