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The inSPIRe project

Q&T is strongly engaged in inSPIRe, which is a new major strategic Public-Private platform for innovation and research in the food science area.

inSPIRe has three pillars: (i) Engineering Food Production (Pillarleader Lotte Bach Larsen) for development of the food productionchain of the future, (ii) Process Analytical Technology (pillarleader Søren Balling Engelsen) for optimization of quality and reduction of energy plus water consumption, (iii) Molecular Functionality (pillarleader Richard Ipsen).

Q&T will participate in all three projects in the PAT pillar: FT-IR based solutions (PhD Carl Emil Aae Eskildsen), Process Water (PhD Jannie Krog Jensen) and MicroPAT (PhD Parvaneh Ebrahimi).

(Feb 2012)

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