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Curriculum Vitae - Klavs Martin Sørensen

(Updated October 2014)

Email:  Klavs Martin Sørensen,

ResearcherID:  F-1308-2013

Twitter:  @klavssorensen


Date of birth

  • August 31, 1973



  • Frørup, Fyn, Denmark



  • June, 1998 - Engineering Technician, HND Frederiksberg Tekniske Skole, Denmark
  • August 2009 - Employed at University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Science in the Quality and Technology research group with the intention of obtaining a ph. d. degree on the subjectspatially resolved spectroscopy for on-line grading of raw meat.
  • January 2012 - Participant in the DNATF-funded Pasteur-programLeading the Virtual Company, a project-manager education by Harvard University, Cambridge, USA, which targets management of projects where innovation between private companies and public research institutions plays a significant role (
  • June, 2012: Ph.d. fellow, University of Copenhagen - Full-time employment on ph.d. scolarship in the Quality and Technology research group at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science, Department of Food Science. Scientific theme: On-line detection of undesired metabolites in slaughter carcasses


Relevant employment

  • June, 1998: Product engineer - On-site service of meat classification equipment in Germany, Spain, Poland and Denmark. SFK Technology A/S, Herlev (now Carometec A/S).
  • December, 1999: Software engineer, database- and data collection systems - Design & implementation of database control systems for on-line management of slaughter lines. SFK Technology A/S, Herlev (now Carometec A/S).
  • April, 2001: Development engineer (algorithms and modeling) - Development of chemometric solutions and algorithms for meat classification equipment. Counseling of customers and goverment bodies on calibration and data processing when calibrating and approving classification equipment. Counsellings of customers on optimization af cutting yield through mathematical modeling and carcass classification. Aid to sales division on technical clarification during contract negotiations. SFK Technology A/S, Herlev (Now Carometec A/S).
  • November, 2001: Own consultancy company (as sideline occupation) - Purpose of offering consultancy services for optimized algorithm implementation of large sized problems in cloud/cluster environments. KMS Consult, Hvidovre, Denmark.
  • January, 2002: Research- and development manager - Primary role as department manager, including project, financial and staff responsibilities. In addition, continuation of work as software engineer in the company, technology scout for emerging technologies and company representative on misc. project steering committees of in- and externally funded projects. Member of the company management group. From August 2012 part time employment (50%) to accommodate scientific work at University of Copenhagen (see below). SFK Technology A/S, Herlev (Now Carometec A/S)
  • August, 2009: Research scientist, University of Copenhagen - Part-time (50%) employment as research scientist in the Quality and Technology research group at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Science. Research in the application of spatially resolved spectroscopy primarily for on-line grading of raw meat and meat products at the abattoir, with the intention of obtaining a Ph. D. degree on the subject.
  • June, 2012: Senior Specialist (Chemometrics), Carometec A/S. Part-time employment.
  • June, 2012: Ph.d. fellow, University of Copenhagen - Full-time employment on ph.d. scolarship in the Quality and Technology research group at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science, Department of Food Science. Scientific theme: On-line detection of undesired metabolites in slaughter carcasses


Patents & Publications, important funding applications

  • 2007 Patent application: K. Sørensen and H. Marnø for SFK Technology A/S, US Patent Application no. 11/993,195 (2007), Canadian patent application no. 2,612,947 (2007) and European patent application no. 06742490.3, Recording of position-specific wavelength absorption spectra. Project webpage.
  • 2007 Patent application: K. Sørensen and H. Marnø, for SFK Technology A/S et al. Patent int. app. no. PCT/DK2006/000379, Recording of wavelength absoption spectra in meat (Not taken beyond PCT stage).
  • 2008 Project funding application: Co-author ofDanish National Advanced Technology Foundation : Better understanding of the composition of foodstuffs. Application for 11,5 Mill. DKK For the development of an method for meat and fat composition of slaugther carcasses. Granted 2008. For Carometec A/S and project partner University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Science. Project webpage.
  • 2011 Project funding application: Author ofDanish National Advanced Technology Foundation : Eliminating the need for castration of male piglets. Application for 12 Mill. DKK For the development of an method for on-line detection of boar taint in slaughter carcasses. Granted January 2011. For Carometec A/S and project partner University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Science.
  • 2011 Peer-reviewed work: Lotte Bøge Lyndgaard, Klavs Martin Sørensen, Frans van den Berg and Søren B. Engelsen, Depth profiling of porcine adipose tissue bY Raman spectroscopy, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy (2011).
  • 2012 Peer-reviewed work: K.M. Sørensen, H. Petersen & S.B. Engelsen, An on-line NIT method for determining depth profiles of fatty acid composition and iodine value in porcine adipose fat tissue, Applied Spectroscopy (2012). DOI: 10.1366/11-06396. Project webpage.
  • 2012 Research poster: K.M. Sørensen, H. Petersen & S.B. Engelsen, An on-line NIT method for determining depth profiles of fatty acid composition and iodine value in porcine adipose fat tissue. Poster download.
  • 2012 Peer-reviewed work: Frans van den Berg, Christian B. Lyndgaard, Klavs M. Sørensen, Søren B. Engelsen, Process Analytical Technology in the food industry, Trends in Food Science & Technology (2012). DOI: 10.1016/j.tifs.2012.04.007.
  • 2013 Conference proceedingsNanna Viereck, Klavs M. Sørensen & Søren B. Engelsen, Investigating depth profiles from porcine adipose tissue by HR MAS NMR spectroscopy,  in Magnetic Resonance in Food Science, Edited by J. van Duynhoven, P.S. Belton, G.A. Webb and H. van As. Royal Socie ty of Chemistry, UK, pp. 81-89
  • 2013 Research article: Klavs M. Sørensen, Mette Christensen & Søren B. Engelsen, Three-dimensional images of porcine carcass fat quality using spatially resolved near infrared spectroscopy, in NIRNews, Vol. 24 No. 2 March 2013, pp. 9-11. DOI: 10.1255/nirn.1354.
  • 2014 Peer-reviewed work: Klavs M. Sørensen & Søren B. Engelsen, Measurement of Boar Taint in Porcine Fat Using a High-Throughput Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry Protocol, J. Agric. Food Chem., 2014, 62 (39), pp 9420–9427. DOI: 10.1021/jf5022785.


Steering- and management committee work (major items)

  • 2005 – 2009, AutoFOM DK: Member of the project management group for the projectAutoFOM DK, which in the scope of the Danish Meat Association needed an update of the carcass classification equipment used at the Danish Slaughterhouses. The project was managed by DMRI (Danish Meat Research Institute).
  • 20072009, Classification equations, Denmark: Member of steering committee (representing Carometec A/S) on updating the Danish classification equations for porcine carcass grading and payment. The projected was chaired by Slagterikontrollen (DK Goverment body), with participation of DMRI (Danish Meat Research Institute), and led to the submission and approval of new classification equations for several types of equipment with the EU.
  • 2008 – 2011, ProjectNitFOM”: Member of management committee for the project NitFOM, sponsored by the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation (DNATF). The committee was also representing University of Copenhagen (by Prof. Søren Balling Engelsen, Quality and Technology, IFV, LIFE) and DNATF (by Trine Aabo, Vice President).
  • 20072008, Ultrasound for determination of intra-muscular fat composition: Member of steering group (representing Carometec A/S), for the German Pro-Inno project KF0380401LF6,Ultraschallbasierte Bestimmung des intramuskulären Fettgehaltes, with the University of Göttingen (Dr. Daniel Mörlein, Sannachi Lakshmann), Germany.
  • 2009 – 2012, Quality by Design: Member of the management committee (representing Carometec A/S) in the projectQbDQuality by Design(, supported by several industrial partners and The Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation. Project managed by Delta, Light and Optics, Hørsholm, Denmark.
  • 2013 - present, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen. Ph.d student representative on the faculty ph.d. study board (click here for information).
  • 2013 - present, InSPIRE Food. Member of the Muscle Based Food Network coordination group (Link to home page)


Important project references (enagement minimum as project manager)

  • 1999 Name: "AutoBASE". Completed 2003, SFK Technology A/S. Purpose: Design and implementation of module based solution for control and data collection on abattoir kill lines. Role: Software engineer, Project manager (database & databse software). Customer references (selected): Vion Foods, Boxtel, The Nederlands. Geo Adams, Spalding UK. Faccsa, Malaga, Spain. Norfrisa, Girona, Spain. Hormel Foods, Hormel, USA. 

  • 1999 Name:AutoVET. Completed 2002, SFK Tecnology A/S. Purpose: Design and implementation of veterinary data collection system and interface for the AutoBASE solution. Role: Software engineer, project manager (software). Customer references (selected): Vion Foods, Boxtel, Holland. Geo Adams, Spalding, UK. Faccsa, Malaga, Spain.
  • 1999 Name:AutoSORT. Completed 2002, SFK Technology A/S. Purpose: To understand and analyze processes for optimization of cutting yield based on raw material sorting. Design and implementation of full-automatic sorting module for the AutoBASE solution. Role: Project manager, software developer. Customer references (selected): Vion, Boxtel, Holland. Geo Adams, Spalding, UK. Faccsa, Malaga, Spanien. Norfrisa, Girona, Spain.
  • 2000 Project without titlel. Completed 2002, SFK Technology A/S. System for management of abattoir stable information: registration of supplier codes and kill-line sequencing. Role: Project manager and software developer. Client: Geo Adams, Spalding, UK.
  • 2001 Ongoing work, Carometec A/S. Purpose: Development of multi-.way methods to be used in the classification equipments produced by Carometec A/S. Role: Program manager.
  • 2002 - present Course: “Statistics and chemometric models”. Purpose: A 2-day course offered for clients and employees of Carometec A/S on the statistical modelling methods used in the classification equipments. Role: Program manager, instructor.
  • 2002 Name:Belly-module”, completed 2003, SFK Technology A/S. Purpose: Development of n-way models and neural networks for prediction of a subjective determined classification of belly cuts with AutoFOM data, including the subsequent implementation of an add-on product for the AutoFOM system. Role: Project manager & system designer. Customer references (selected): Westfleisch, Germany. Tönnies Group, Germany.
  • 2002 Project without title. Completed 2003, SFK Technology A/S. Purpose: Use of genetic algorithms and other variable selection tools for automated generation of chemometric models adapted to specific customer requirements. Design of user interfaces to ease data entering and presentation. Role: Project manager, Software Engineer.
  • 2003 Name:AutoFOM EstimationCompleted 2005, SFK Technology A/S. Purpose: Standardization of model development for the AutoFOM product, including design of software for model- and data exchange with third-party model design software. Role: Project manager. References: Used on all sold AutoFOM equipments.
  • 2004 Project without title. Completed 2006, SFK Technology A/S. Purpose: Implementation of a system using differential genetic algorithms for optimization of the image analysis parameters used to extract carcass information from ultrasound scans in the product AutoFOM. Role: Project manager, Software engineer. References: Used as a optimization tool when generating model systems for primal- and carcass classification for new customers.
  • 2005 Name:VisFom”, Completed 2006, SFK Technology A/S. Purpose: Development of a computer vision based product for subjective and objective classification of hams for Serrano production. Role: Project manager. Customer reference: Faccsa, Malaga, Spanien.
  • 2005 Name:KVL-MLC”, Completed 2008, KMS Consult. Purpose: Design of a cluster topology for utilization of little used computers around campus for heavy calculation tasks in a Matlab framework. Developed for KVL (now LIFE, University of Copenhagen).
  • 2006 Name:AutoFOM III. Not completed, Carometec A/S. Purpose: Design and implementation of a new generation of full-automatic ultrasound classification system, with emphasis on securing future extendability and rotation with existing current AutoFOM customer installations. Approval of the new solution with the various government bodies in Europe. Role: Program manager, Software engineer (control systems). Customer references (selected): Covameat, Belgium. Westfleisch, Coesfeld, Germany. Tönnies Fleisch, Rheda, Germany. Danish Crown, Essen, Germany. Italcarni, Bologna, Italy.
  • 2008 Project without title, not completed, Carometec A/S. Purpose: Designing a system for automated yield optimization of carcass cuts using genetic algorithms and carcass sorting. Role: Project manager, software engineer.
  • 2008 Name:AutoFom III - estimator. Not completed, Carometec A/S. Purpose: Design of a model-banking principle that allows for prediction of carcass key parameters based on a set of sub-optimal parameter sets. Role: Project manager, Software engineer.
  • 2008 Name:NitFom. Completed 2012. Carometec A/S. Purpose: Design and implementation of a hand-held probe for on-line classification of fat quality using spatially resolved NIR spectroscopy. Role: Project/program manager, including several practical development & design tasks. Link to project homepage.
  • 2009 Name:AutoVision-MIA. Not completed, Carometec A/S. Purpose: Design & implementation of on-line computer vision equipment using multi-spectral image recording and multivariate image analysis for segmentation and classification of meat cuts with volumetric and parametric models. Role: Inventor, project manager.
  • 2009 Name:Approval of AutoFOM III for payment in GermanyPartially completed, Carometec A/S. Purpose: Two-phase project including a) determination of equations for prediction of lean meat content in carcass and carcass primals and b) documentation of WELMEC 7.2 compliance for the Germany authorities represented by PtB, Braunschweig for the AutoFOM III product. Role: a) Project manager and technical advisor.
  • 2010 Name:Fom II. Completed 2011, Carometec A/S. Purpose: Design of GUI for communication with FOM II classification probe. Role: Software engineer.
  • 2011 Name:BoarFOM(Working title), Not completed, Carometec A/S. and University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences (LIFE). Purpose: Development of a spatially resolved spectroscopic system for on-line detection of malodorous compounds in porcine carcasses. Role: Project manager, including several practical development & design tasks (both for Carometec A/S and KU-LIFE).


Other relevant work

  • 2008 - 2011: Project manager on the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation sponsored project "NitFom"
  • 2012 - 2014 (expected): Project manager on the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation sponsored project "ENCMP"
  • Jan 2009 - 2013: Censor on the BSc/MSc cousce "Quantitative Food Spectroscopy" (Link to 2012 course description


Skills and abilities


  • Danish - Native proficiency

  • English - Full professional proficiency (with high technical emphasis)

  • German - Limited professional proficiency

  • 8+ years experience in sales presentation/assisting, technical presentations, non-technical formulation and class teaching


Project management

  • 10+ years experience in
    • industrial application project development & specification
    • on-site management of industrial installation work
    • participation in and supervision of electrical and mechanical installation work


Scientific methods

  • Highly skilled in vibrational spectroscopy (apparatus design, experiment design, theory & applications)

  • Highly skilled in the use of chemometric tools (PCA, PLS, PLSDA etc.), their application and theory

  • Highly skilled in Gas Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry (GCMS, GC-FID), injection methods, equipment operation, maintainance, experiemental design and data evaluation)

  • Very skilled in application of Solid Phase Micro-Extraction (SPME) techniques for GC/MS applications

  • Skilled in application of static headspace sampling techniques for GC/MS applications

  • Very skilled in application of automatic handling (derivatization etc) for large volume sample counts

  • Very skilled in application of thermal adsorption/desorption sampling techniques & equipment for GC/MS applications

  • Fair skills in several mathematical diciplines (emphasis on matrix algebra)

  • Fair skills in statistics (application and theory)

  • Very skilled in ultrasonic measurement and image-forming techniques, their theory and application

  • Entry-level knowledge of relativistic and quantum physics


IT & Software Development

  • 10+ years experience in C++ and C

  • 10+ years experience with HTML/PHP web programming

  • 10+ years experience in relational database design (primarily Oracle 8-10i, MySQL and PorstgreSQL. Minor experience with SQL Server)

  • 10+ years experience with the Linux operating system, including the kernel framework (from 2.4 onwards) for device driver development. Particular focus on system development for real-time on-line data processing systems and their associated GUIs.

  • 6+ years experience developing applications in the Qt framework

  • 8+ years experience with the Matlab programming language and framework, including external c/c++ mex interfaces (rapid data access, parallel threaded calculus - emphasis on chemometric applications)

  • Fair experience in use of the CUDA computing platform

  • High experience withminorlanguages from the Linux toolbox (Bash shell scripting, awk, perl, regexp etc).

  • Very familiar with the Intel performance primitives and Math Kernel Libraries

  • Fair experience with Python programming

  • Fair experience with development, implementation and use of camera interfaces and vision applications, emphasis on quality grading of meat products

  • Fair experience with PLC programming (Allen-Bradley Micrologix)

  • Fair experience with software development for embedded controllers 

  • Fair skills in hardware design and schematic interpretation, primarily digital applications




  • Fair experience with 3D visual expression and modeling of technical illustrations and animations using the Blender VFX pipeline

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